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Michael Cotter - Storyteller Michael Cotter, third generation, Southern Minnesota farmer,  dad and storyteller. He is a combination of pride in straight  corn rows and concern for a healthy environment. His Irish  Catholic heritage gives him the gift of compassion and  understanding, blended with a little blarney; and his gentle  nature invites his audience to look deep within themselves to  find their own stories. He believes in farming, in people, and in  the healing power of storytelling. 
STORYTELLING has opened a wonderful world to me, It took me to places I  never dreamed of going. It gave me a totally different picture of my life and of the world itself. And, I would wish that for others. Storytelling is like the story of the loaves and fishes. By the sharing of what we have and of who we are, we all  become richer. A miracle happens. And there’s plenty for everybody.
Michael Cotter
For more than twenty years, Michael Cotter and Bev Jackson Cotter have been working together  as writers, festival administrators, workshop presenters and storytellers. Bev has co-authored  Michael’s four books, “The Killdeer”, “A Storyteller is a Soybean”, “Memories”, and “Growing Up  on a Minnesota Farm”. She is a writer, a historian and an artist. Bev has published two books  “Now Gather ‘Round” and “As I Was Walking Down the Street”, compilations of her thoughts on  the importance of the everyday events which shape our lives and our values. She may be  reached at cotter6@q.com