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Farmer, Father, Storyteller  My name is Michael Cotter, and I’m a third generation farmer from Austin, Minnesota where the land is flat and the soil is black, and many of those farms have been in the same families for over a hundred years, and ours is one of them.
Movin’ On
I was born on a farm in the Depression and graduated from a Catholic  School. A strong work ethic and responsibility were always a part of my life. The dinner table of my youth often contained a mixture of hoboes who  worked on the farm and became part of our family, the neighbors on the  threshing crew, teachers, missionaries, doctors, Catholic nuns and priests in my mother’s family - all stopping on the farm for dinner and trying to connect  with their stories. Forty years later, when I became a storyteller, I found myself revisiting these  early experiences of people who didn’t match at all, finding common ground  in their life stories. Because this was the only type of storytelling that I knew, I began telling stories from my life. I learned that as I told these memories, I  would look at them in a new way. In the feedback from the audience and the  other tellers, I began to see the healing power of sharing those personal  stories. This came into focus in 1990 when I was invited to conduct a  workshop with terminally ill people where I learned that we can be healed  without being cured. This brought me to the place where I am now, where I  believe that the personal story has a great self-healing potential. And, of  course, as we heal ourselves, the people around us are also changed. 
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