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Minnesota Seasons
Mother Hen The Christmas Fire Goodnight Zipper My Valentine Story
The Armistice Day Storm of 1940 Grandpa and Gramma McShane The Widow Gerhart
Amazing Grace
The Miracle of Sharing Amazing Grace The Winter Rose My Finest Hour
Stories of the Land
The Killdeer The Drifters The Windmill The Threshing Story The Rainmaker
People of the Earth
The Bronco The Cock and Bull Story People of the Earth The Hero The Story of Rose
Dad’s Stories and Farm Memories
Old District No. 6 Parochial School and the Cow Dog Doing Man’s Work Dad and the Spring Chicken Horse Trading
The Land Is Forever CD
The Potato Story A Storyteller is a Soybean The Land is Forever Joe the Loser The Underwear Story Me and Dad
The Farm Collection 4-CD Set
Stories of the Land Dad’s Stories and Farm Memories People of the Earth The Land is Forever
The Complete Collection 7-CD Set
Minnesota Seasons Minnesota Amazing Grace Dad’s Stories and Farm Memories People of the Earth Stories of the Land The Land Is Forever
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Includes four CD’s of Michael’s best farm  stories, in a beautiful boxed-set.
Includes all seven of Michael’s CD’s  in a beatiful box-set.
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A Storyteller is a Soybean
$12 Paperback
More favorite stories and a little bit of philosophy. Michael’s second book.
A Collection of Stories by Michael Cotter 
Single CD’s
CD Sets
The Killdeer
$18 Paperback $28 Hardcover
An instant classic from a man equally at home as a man of the earth and a man of the arts.
And Other Stories From the Farming Life 
Voices of America: Growing Up On A Minnesota Farm
$20 Paperback
1930 to 1970, farm life in stories and narratives.
Memories A Collection of Personal Stories
$12 Paperback
Twelve of your favorite farm stories by Michael Cotter.